Anonymous - Boycott All Rescue Mission Shelters

Location of the criminals making millions from the Homeless:

Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley
962 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Youngstown, Ohio 44501

Story 1:

Me, My Fiancee & Our Son Was Homeless In Ohio, The Closest Shelter Available Was The Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley, When We Got There, they said they could not house both of us because of whatever rules they had, I told my fiancee to go get a spot & I will sleep in the car that we owned, for 2 months I slept in the car, when the Rescue Mission found out I was sleeping in the car, they called local authorities and they came out and found some type of small license factors, so instead of giving us a ticket, they told us that someone called in complaining that an individual was sleeping in the car, I said yeah, me, They show no remorse, and towed our only means of transportation, when we got back to the Rescue Mission, my sons clothes & my fiancees as well were packed up and thrown in the middle of the sidewalk, they said that if we don't leave the premises they will call the cops again and charge us for trespassing.
Now, How Does A Homeless Family Get Charged With Trespassing In Front Of A Homeless Shelter? My Son At The Time Was Only 5 yrs. old, And it hurt my heart when he looked at me and asked me, "Daddy, Where We Going To Sleep Tonight?". That really hurts. For any lawyers or human rights activists willing to help me stop this evil cycle from continuing, please, I heard they are doing much worse to new families. Be Careful, They Have A Gift To Deceive And Make People Believe Of What They Are Not.

Story 2:

I am the assistant campus director for a local adult education program in the Mahoning Valley.  One of my students, a 74 year-old homeless woman, was kicked-out of the Youngstown Rescue Mission on Monday over an argument with a staff member.

This particular shelter resident is a burn survivor who is widowed and is trying to get an education in the medical field so that she can obtain decent employment.

The facility gave the woman 15 min.  to pack her things.  With no form of transportation, she was forced to leave, (police escort and all!) at nine o'clock at night.  When she returned a few days later for her belongings, she was told they were, "accidently", put on the bus to Goodwill.

Her school supplies, books, and clothing are now all gone! She has been sleeping wherever she can, and has to wash the same clothes, over and over for school.

Her dedication to better herself is what makes the actions of the shelter even more disturbing to me. She rides public transportation everyday to get to school. The staff at the shelter would require she attend, "Devotion", than to stay in her room and study. On the evening she was kicked out, she was not allowed to rewash her school scrubs and lab jacket. The makeup that she wears, is heavy to cover the scars on her face. The makeup had left stains on the collar of her jacket, and the staff member, Crystal, would not allow her to rewash it. When Crystal walked away, the woman put the jacket back in the wash anyway. This is why she was put out!

I have long been a supporter of the Rescue Mission, but I will be no more! I am sick because of this. I am proud to say that the drive this woman has to succeed is amazing. After all of this, she is still here everyday, with a smile still on her face. She is a christian woman, and harbors no ill feelings against anyone at the shelter. As for myself, I am a pagan, and I say, "Shame on them!" Shame on the rescue mission of mahoning valley to treat any living human the way they do.

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What If? Anonymous Was President


Greetings World.
This is the President of this great World we call home.
President, Anonymous.

I am honored to address the World.

The link between leadership and learning is not only essential at a community level. It is even more indispensable in World affairs. Ignorance and misinformation can handicap the progress of a city or a company, but they can, if allowed to prevail in foreign policy, handicap this country's security. In a world of complex and continuing problems, in a world full of frustrations and irritations, Anonymous leadership must be guided by the lights of learning, and reason, or else those who confuse rhetoric with reality, and the plausible with the possible, will gain the popular ascendancy with their seemingly swift and simple solutions to every world problem.

There will always be dissident voices heard in the land, expressing opposition without alternatives, finding fault but never favor, perceiving gloom on every side, and seeking influence without responsibility. Those voices are inevitable.

But today. Other voices are heard in the land. Voices preaching doctrines wholly unrelated to reality, wholly unsuited for evolution, doctrines which apparently assume, that words will suffice without weapons, that vituperation, is as good as victory, and that peace is a sign of weakness. At a time when the national debt is so called was being reduced in terms of its burden on our world, they see that debt as the greatest single threat to our security. At a time when we are steadily reducing the number of Federal employees serving every thousand citizens, they fear those supposed hordes of civil servants far more than the actual hordes of opposing armies.

We cannot expect that everyone, to use the phrase of long ago, "talk sense to the people." But we can hope that fewer people will listen to nonsense. And the notion that this World is headed for defeat through deficit, or that strength is but a matter of slogans, is nothing but just plain nonsense.

I want to discuss with you today the status of our strength and our security, because this question clearly calls for the most responsible qualities of leadership, and the most enlightened products of scholarship. For this worlds strength, and security, are not easily, or cheaply obtained, nor are they quickly and simply explained. There are many kinds of strength, and no one kind will suffice. Overwhelming nuclear strength cannot stop a guerrilla war. Formal pacts of alliance cannot stop internal subversion. Displays of material wealth cannot stop the disillusionment of diplomats subjected to discrimination.

Above all, words alone are not enough. This World can always be a peaceful World. And where our strength and determination are clear, our words need merely to convey conviction, not belligerence. If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help.

We realize, that this World often tends to identify turning points in world affairs with the major addresses which preceded them. But it was not a doctrine that kept all Europe away from america. It was the strength of the British fleet and the width of the Atlantic Ocean. It was not a Generals speech that kept communism out of Western Europe, it was the strength and stability made possible by americas military, and economic assistance.

This strength is composed of many different elements, ranging from the most massive deterrents to the most subtle influences. And all types of strength are needed, no one kind could do the job alone. Let us take a moment, therefore, to review the Worlds progress in each major area of strength.

I am speaking of strength in terms of the deterrence and resistance of aggression and attack. But, in today's world, freedom can be lost without a shot being fired, but by ballots as well as bullets. The success of our leadership is dependent upon respect for our mission in the world as well as missiles, on a clearer recognition of the virtues of freedom as well as the evils of tyranny.

That is why our Anonymous Information Agency has doubled the software broadcasting power for the one Voice for our World, and increased the number of broadcasting hours by many, and taken a host of other steps to carry our message of truth and freedom, to all the far corners of our world.

Citizens of our world. Citizens of the internet. And all participating members. I cite these facts and figures to make it clear that our world today, can become stronger than ever before. Our adversaries have not abandoned their ambitions, our dangers have not diminished, our vigilance cannot be relaxed. But now we have the internet, the activists, the whistle blowers, and unity as our strength, to do whatever must be done, for the preservation, and promotion of freedom.

That strength will never be used in pursuit of aggressive ambitions. It will always be used in pursuit of peace. It will never be used to promote provocations. It will always be used to promote the peaceful settlement of disputes.

We, in Our World, in this generation, are, by destiny rather than choice, the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of "peace on earth, good will toward all humanity." That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength. For it is written. "Expect the Lord, Ea Enki, to keep the city, the Anonymous Watchmen are awakened, but only in vain."

Neither the fanatics nor the faint hearted are needed. And our duty as Anonymous is not Anonymous alone, but to the World, and, indeed, all Humanity. Our duty is not merely to end governments corruption, but the preservation of peace and freedom forever.

So let us not be petty when our cause is so great. Let us not quarrel amongst ourselves when our Worlds future is at stake.

Let us stand together with renewed confidence in our cause. united as one, divided by 0, we determine that our World we love shall be led by all of humanity, to become the new frontiers of peace and abundance.

We are all Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We can Forgive.
We Can never Forget.
Expect all of Us.



Anonymous - Message From Anonymous Portugal


Olá Povo Português .

Nós somos Anónimos Portugal.

O ano de 2013 foi o mais vergonhoso que alguns Português viveram em quase 40 anos de democracia,
foi o ano em que o maior número de jovens licenciados emmigrated,
foi o ano em que o governo colocar mais pessoas sem trabalho do que nunca,
insistindo em dizer-nos que o desemprego é uma oportunidade,
foi o ano em que os idosos eram incapazes de comprar medicamentos,
o ano em que o banco levantou mais dinheiro, dos bolsos dos Português, através de seus agentes no governo,
foi o ano em que a maioria das crianças foram colocadas em situação de pobreza, muitos cujos pais não têm dinheiro para comprá-los de um livro, ou um par de sapatos, ou até mesmo um agasalho quente para o frio deste inverno, que ainda não passou,
foi o ano em que o maior número de empresas , pequenas e médias empresas fechadas,
foi o ano em que a restauração mais sofreu nos últimos anos,
foi o ano em que todos nós, que são as pessoas humildes de Portugal, os trabalhadores foram colocados em situação de pobreza quase destruindo a classe média, de alguma forma ainda alguns foram capazes de entrada para o crescimento da economia,
foi o ano em que o público serviu de bode expiatório para a crise,
foi o ano em que todos os pensionistas de Portugal foram arrasadas, e abertamente expostas aos cortes que não fará nada para a resolução da chamada crise estes senhores falar.

Este foi um ano negro, mas como sempre Anónimos não dormir, o Anónimos está ciente, e toda uma população não gosta de ser sondado, e arrastou mais fundo nessa miséria.

Tivemos um presidente se comportar como um doente mental,
um primeiro-ministro de se comportar como uma criança de escola, que ainda não sabe nada sobre a economia,
tivemos uma brincadeira perpetrada por uma criança que queria ser o Vice Primeiro Ministro, a fim de parecer importante,
tivemos mudanças de ministros, secretários de estado, mas todos eles são os mesmos.

Este foi o ano em que todas as desculpas serviu para atacar os 9 milhões de pessoas neste país,
as pessoas que só têm a responsabilidade de 15% da dívida pública, uma ironia.
Porque os bancos, juntamente com seus agentes no Estado, são os detentores de mais de 83% dessa dívida pública altamente aclamado, que supostamente está sendo incorridos pelo povo português.

Mentiras, mentiras, mentiras por trás, colocou as pessoas para uma esperança vã, que o verão nunca se materializa.
Vemos os orçamentos do Parlamento são aumentados, apenas para membros e outras autoridades, criminosos e mafiosos na Câmara que se vê como, intocável.

Vemos um aumento da dívida pública inteira porque os bancos portugueses, estão dizendo a eles para excluir todos os que seguem as regras da União Europeia, apesar de terem seus agentes colocados na política que assinaram os documentos da União Europeia em manter uma economia baseada na dívida, onde o vencedores são sempre os mesmos, e citamos.

Banco de Portugal
Banco Espírito Santo
Banco de Português Invetimento
Millennium BCP
Caixa Económica Montepio Geral
Banif Banco de Investimento
Banco BIC de Angola
Pingo Doce

Tudo isso ganhou, e continuar a contribuir para a miséria de todos Português,
em poucas palavras, como anônimo, nos próximos dias, será colocado na Internet na forma do que chamamos de "vazamentos" de várias organizações que os documentos aderir a suas redes de computadores, e vamos provar isso, eles têm contribuído diretamente para o declínio do país e um povo que merece ser independente e livre de criminosos e mafiosos no poder.

Para aqueles que defendem os criminosos no poder PF, SIS, PJ, PSP.

Você pode começar a investigar agora, queremos rir ainda mais de você e de todos aqueles no poder.

Você também é a vergonha deste país.

Nós somos Anónimos.
Nós somos legião.
Estamos a um dividido por zero.
Nós somos os 99%.
Nós não perdoamos.
Nós não esquecemos.
Você deveria ter esperado de nós.


Hello Portuguese People.

We are Anonymous Portugal.

The year 2013 was the most shameful that some Portuguese have lived through in almost 40 years of democracy,
it was the year that the largest number of young graduates emmigrated,
it was the year that the government put more people out of work then ever before,
while insisting on telling us that unemployment is an opportunity,
it was the year in which the elderly were unable to buy medicines,
the year in which the bank raised more money, from the pockets of the Portuguese, through their agents in government,
it was the year that most children were placed in poverty, many whose parents have no money to buy them a book, or a pair of shoes, or even a warm sweater for the cold of this winter, which has not yet passed,
it was the year that the greatest number of companies, small and medium enterprises closed,
it was the year in which the restoration suffered most in recent years,
it was the year that all of us who are the humble people of Portugal, the workers have been placed in poverty nearly destroying the middle class, somehow still some have been able to input into growing the economy,
it was the year in which the public served as a scapegoat for the crisis,
it was the year that all pensioners of Portugal were razed, and openly exposed to cuts that will do nothing for the resolution of the so called crisis these gentlemen speak of.

This was a black year, but as always Anonymous does not sleep, Anonymous is aware, and an entire population did not enjoy being probed, and dragged deeper into this misery.

We had a President behaving like a mental patient,
a prime minister behaving like a school kid who still knows nothing about economics,
we had a joke perpetrated by a child who wanted to be the Deputy Prime Minister in order to look important,
we had changes of ministers, secretaries of state, but they all are the same.

This was the year that all the excuses served to attack the 9 million people in this country,
the people who alone have responsibility of 15% of the public debt, an irony.
Because banks along with their servants in the state, are the holders of over 83% of this highly acclaimed public debt, which is allegedly incurred by Portuguese people.

Lies, lies, lies behind, has put the people into a vain hope, that summer never materializes.
We see the budgets of Parliament are increased, only to Members and other officials, criminals, and mobsters in the House who sees themselves as, un-touch-able.

We see an entire public debt increase because the Portuguese banks, are telling them to shut out all who follow union European rules, while having their servants employed in politics who signed the documents from the European union on maintaining an economy based on debt, where the winners are always the same, and we quote.

Bank of Portugal
Banco Espirito Santo
Bank of Portuguese Invetimento
Millennium BCP
Caixa Economica Montepio General
Banif. Banco de Investimento
Banco BIC of Angola
Pingo Doce

All these won, and continue to contribute to the misery of all Portuguese,
put simply, as Anonymous, in the coming days, there will be placed on the Internet in the form of what we call "leaks" from various organizations which documents accede to their computer networks, and we will prove it, they have contributed directly to the decline of the country and a people that deserves to be independent and free from criminals and mobsters in power.

To those who defend criminals in power MP, SIS, PJ, PSP

You can start to investigate now, we want to laugh even more of you and all those in power.

You are also the shame of this country.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We are one divided by zero.
We are the 99%.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
You should have Expected Us.


Anonymous - Message From Anonymous Brazil


Saudações Cidadãos do Mundo . Os Cidadãos da Internet.
Nós somos Anónimos Brasil.

Em 2013, o Brasil testemunhou um momento histórico. Onde milhões de pessoas foram às ruas para lutar e reivindicar seus direitos, e colocar-se contra uma série de situações que são consideradas

abusivas para o nosso Planeta.

Na verdade, tudo isso soa muito bom, certo? No entanto, temos assistido, muitas das pessoas brasileiras que saíram de suas casas e foram para as ruas, com certeza não sabia exatamente o que eles

estavam lutando.

No meio da falta de informação, e pessoas mal intencionadas, temos Anónimos, que é um alvo frequente de interpretações miseráveis ​​.

Muita gente ver Anónimos como um nome e uma máscara, a máscara de Guy Fawkes, que ganhou destaque após o lançamento, V de Vingança, um filme. No entanto, não é a forma como algumas pessoas

pensam que é, o Anónimos ideal não é baseado no filme, nem mesmo na ideologia de Guy Fawkes.

É verdade que, em alguns aspectos, idéia Anónimos pode olhar como com alguns diálogos no filme V, mas não está a ver o filme ou ler os quadrinhos, que você vai entender a idéia real de ser Anónimos.

Vamos falar sobre isso em alguns, mas agora, vamos terminar o motivo da máscara, eo nome.

Então? Você pode se perguntar, " por que usar uma máscara? " Para responder a esta pergunta, devemos voltar alguns anos no passado. Nós gostamos de introduzir aqui, para aqueles que ainda não

sabem , o Projeto Chanology . Era 2008, quando fomos para a Internet , vimos um vídeo de Tom Cruise, a fazer algumas declarações sobre a Igreja da Cientologia.

O vídeo se espalhou -ed tão rápido em toda a Internet, e tão rápido foi a resposta da Igreja, eles disseram que era proibido , porque era uma violação dos direitos de autor. E, bem, é melhor ser cuidadoso

quando você ameaça a liberdade da Internet. Anónimos feito uma grande quantidade de ataques de serviços negativas contra site da Cientologia.

Foi neste contexto, que o coletivo Anónimos organizou-se, pela primeira vez, para sair às ruas. Foi uma experiência totalmente nova, e os alvos tinham um extenso arquivo sobre a opressão e censura para

aqueles que colocam contra suas crenças. Então a idéia parece todos os manifestantes, a usar uma máscara, de modo a mostrar o seu anonimato, e o escolhido ? era a máscara de Guy Fawkes, porque

representava o muito bem apontar sobre ser anônimo. Na internet, somos todos iguais, todos poderiam ser qualquer um, e até mesmo apenas um, e todos nós representam a mesma coisa.

Depois disso, a máscara ganhou um significado muito mais complexa , como Anónimos, estávamos tomando em horizontes maiores. Representando unidade, até o momento em que vamos colocá-la em

nossos rostos, nossas vozes parar de ser único, e se transformou em uma enorme voz, a voz de todos nós. Um rugido pela liberdade! Acima dele nós somos um, não importa sua raça, crença, ou rank.
Tudo isso, sem mencionar aquelas perguntas sobre segurança. Quando os governos, empresas ou qualquer outra estrutura de poder, tenta algum tipo de repressão, eles serão tratados por Anónimos.

Nossos máscaras foram entre a raiva em Espanha, o Occupy Wall Street nos EUA, as revoltas na Turquia e na Grécia, e até mesmo para a revolução, na maioria dos países da Primavera Árabe.

Anónimos é de todo o mundo, o Anónimos deu apoio quando os governos tiranos foram derrubados, e atacou empresas que ameaçavam a liberdade dos povos, e através do Internet, o Anonymous deu uma

voz, e, literalmente, colocar no ar, a revolução em países onde os governos tinha censurado a Internet e outros meios de comunicação principais do córrego.

Outra situação que temos vindo a assistir, são as pessoas dizendo, erradamente, que Anónimos é uma idéia a partir da direita, outros dizem que somos da esquerda. Eles nós, anarquistas, fascistas e até

imperialistas chamar. No entanto, o Anonymous não pode ser considerado nenhum tipo de posição política, uma vez que, a nossa idéia é sempre em um fluxo constante, e isso evita anônimo de se tornar

fraco, ou velho.

Nosso objetivo é, para fazer um alvo todos e cada um daqueles que, ameaça, oprime, os censores, e esconder sua corrupção de sua nação, de seu povo. Queremos dizer, você tem que fazer o que é

certo e justo para um mundo melhor para todos nós! Seja a mudança que você quer ver no mundo!

Não acredite em qualquer coisa que eles mostrar-lhe sobre Anónimos, e isso também é válido para esse vídeo!
Sempre questionar, duvidar sempre, tudo.

O Anónimos não tem uma nacionalidade. O Anónimos não tem partido político.
O Anónimos não têm rostos ou nomes. Anónimos é tudo. Somos cada um de vocês!

O Anonymous não tem um líder, não tem uma classificação, nem mesmo os meios exclusivos. Estamos em todo o mundo em várias mídias e linguagens. Nós convidamos você a ser anônimo! Nós somos a

voz dos que não têm um! Somos muitos e estamos em todos os lugares! Todos nós queremos mudar!

Nós somos Anónimos.
Nós somos legião.
Nós não perdoamos.
Nós não esquecemos.
Para os governos corruptos no Brasil.
Você estará esperando todos "Nós" em breve.


Greetings Citizens of the World. Citizens of the Internet.
We are Anonymous Brazil.

In 2013, Brazil witnessed a Historical moment. Where millions of People went to the streets to fight, and claim their rights, and put themselves against a lot of situations that are considered unfair for our


In fact, all of this sounds too good, right? However, we have been watching, many of the Brazilian People that came out of their homes, and went to the streets, definitely did not know exactly what they

were fighting for.

In the middle of lack of information, and bad intentioned people, We have Anonymous, which is a frequent target of miserable interpretations.

Lots of people see Anonymous as a name and a mask, the Guy Fawkes mask, which gained prominence after the launch, V for Vendetta, a movie. However, it is not how some people think it is, the

Anonymous ideal is not based on the movie, not even on the ideology of Guy Fawkes.

It is true, that in some aspects, Anonymous idea can look like with some dialogs in the movie V, but is not watching the movie or reading the comic, that you Will understand the real idea of being Anonymous.

We will talk about this in a few, but now, let us finish the reason of the mask, and the name.

So? You might ask yourselves, “why we wear a mask?” To answer this question, we must go back some years in the past. We like to introduce here, for those who do not know yet, The Chanology Project.

It was 2008, when we went to the Internet, we saw a video of Tom Cruise, making some declarations about the Church of the Scientology.

The video spread-ed so fast across the Internet, and so fast was the answer of the Church, they said it was forbidden, because it was in violation of copyrights. And, well, it is better being careful when

you threat the freedom of the Internet. Anonymous made a large amount of negative services attacks against the Scientology web site.

Was in this context, that the Anonymous Collective organized itself, for the first time, to come out to the streets. It was a whole new experience, and the targets had an extensive file about oppression and

censorship for those ones who put against their beliefs. Then the Idea appears to all protesters, to wear a mask, so to show their anonymity, and the chosen one? was the Guy Fawkes mask, because it

represented the very well point about being Anonymous. On the Internet, we are all alike, everyone could be anyone, and even only one, and we all represent the same thing.

After that, the mask earned a meaning much more complex, just like Anonymous, we were taking on larger horizons. Representing unit, up to the moment that we put it on our faces, our voices stop to being

single, and turned into a huge voice, the voice of all of us. A roar for freedom! Above it we are one, no matter your race, beliefs, or rank.
All of that, without mention those questions about security. When governments, corporations, or any other power structure, tries some kind of repression, they will be dealt with by Anonymous.

Our masks were between the out rage in Spain, the Occupy Wall Street in U.S., the revolts in Turkey and in Greece, and even into the revolution, in most of the countries of the Arab Spring.

Anonymous is all over the globe, Anonymous gave support when the tyrant governments were overturned, and attacked corporations that threatened peoples freedom, and through out the Internet,

Anonymous gave a voice, and literally put on air, the revolution in countries, where the governments had censored the Internet, and other main stream medias.

Other situation that we have been watching, are the people saying, mistakenly, that Anonymous is an Idea from the right, others say that we are from the left. They call us, anarchists, fascists, and even

imperialists. However, Anonymous cannot be considered no kind of policy position, once that, our Idea are always in a constant flux, and this avoids Anonymous of becoming weak, or old.

Our objective is, to make a target each and every one of those, who, threatens, oppresses, censors, and hide their corruption from their nation, from their people. We mean, you have to do what is right, and

fair for a better world for all of us! Be the change you want to see in the world!

Do not believe in anything they show you about Anonymous, and this is also valid for this video!
Always question, doubt always, everything.

Anonymous does not have a nationality. Anonymous does not have political party.
Anonymous does not have faces, or names. Anonymous is all. We are every one of you!

Anonymous does not have a leader, do not have a classification, not even exclusive media. We are all around the world in many medias, and languages. We invite you to be Anonymous! We are the voice of

those who do not have one! We are many, and we are every where! We all want change!

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
To the corrupt governments in Brazil.
You will be Expecting all of "Us" soon enough.

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We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us!