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Dear citizens of the World.
I am Wangy Wagnols.

I made this video on behalf of "Anonymous". A non-profit idea that works for all Humanity, and gives self Empowerment to all that is living, in and around "Mother Earth". With this video, I hope to convince you to make a donation to our cause. and thus join the hundreds who already help us in our movement.

But first. I would like to introduce "Anonymous" to you. We are an idea that works at the grass root level to give the basic and necessary information to assist in all of "Humanities" interests. Generous donations by people and organizations such as yours will help us in our endeavor to give to a better future.

We hope to raise money to give "Humanity" all the proper tools, equipments, and true important verified information Humanity needs to help fight back against tyranny. Also to give information that is being kept in secrets from them, for reasons "We" can only imagine. "We", would appreciate if you could donate a little.

Every little change counts to a "Big" change.

You can send donations to the address link mentioned below, and contact me on the email given below for any more information that you may require. Thank you for taking the time to view this video and I hope to hear from you soon.


Wangy Wagnols


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See Truth!, About Facebook.

Published on September 23, 2012 on YouTube

Deleted: March 28, 2014 Due to so call copyright claim.

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